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14 Cat Sleeping Positions: Stunning Meanings Behind Them

Final Up to date on: August 18, 2023 by Crystal Uys

cat sleeping on the patio

Cats spend most of their time sleeping, and the common grownup cat naps for 18 hours per day. Suffice it to say that most individuals have loads of alternatives to look at their cats’ numerous sleeping positions. However what does it imply in case your cat likes to sleep sprawled out or subsequent to you in mattress? Cats’ sleeping positions can reveal many issues, together with whether or not they really feel secure or search safety. Under we’ll focus on a few of the most typical feline sleeping positions and their that means.

The 14 Cat Sleeping Positions:

1. Loaf

striped cat sleeping in loaf with eyes half open on couch
Picture credit score: Paul Hanaoka, Unsplash

Cats usually sleep with their entrance legs tucked neatly beneath their our bodies. Many preserve their heads up as nicely. The place permits cats to remain heat and protects important organs comparable to the guts and lungs. It additionally allows them to reply in seconds if they should leap into motion. It’s typically paired with the eyes-half-shut look cats usually undertake after they’re involved in maintaining a tally of their environment. Cats on this place typically nod off after which return to a extra alert snoozing mode.

2. Tummy Uncovered

cat sleeping with its belly exposed
Picture Credit score: PHONSIN AUPPACHAI, Shutterstock

Cats typically lie on their backs to nap, usually with their entrance legs curled up on their chests or over their heads with their tummies uncovered. When a cat enables you to see their abdomen, it’s nearly all the time an indication that they really feel comfy and secure. It signifies they’re comfortable and be at liberty to let go and chill out. It’s usually greatest to easily depart cats to their bliss after they’re stress-free on their backs; some change into a bit cranky when petted on their bellies.

3. Supercat

cat sleeping on its belly with four legs stretched out
Picture Credit score: katya-guseva0, Pixabay

Within the supercat pose, kitties lie on their stomachs and lengthen all 4 legs to appear to be they’re flying. The place shields your pet’s stomach and very important organs and permits them to spring as much as defend themselves. Cats usually get pleasure from sleeping within the supercat place on heat blankets when the temperature drops. However additionally they present the supercat on chilly lavatory and kitchen flooring to chill off when it’s too heat.

4. Legs to the Facet

fat calico cat sleeping in the window perch
Picture Credit score: Lisa A. Ernst, Shutterstock

In case your cat likes to sleep on their facet with their legs in entrance of them, it’s most likely a sign that your buddy feels secure and cherished. Cats’ very important organs are uncovered and susceptible on this place, very like when pets sleep on their backs. So, when cats nap splayed out on their facet, it normally signifies they really feel secure. Nevertheless, the place permits them to make a quick getaway (if wanted) to flee the clutches of a predator or the household canine.

5. Curled Up

cat sleeping curled up like a croissant
Picture Credit score: 272447, Pixabay

Cats that get pleasure from sleeping curled try to remain heat, and it’s a very fashionable feline snoozing place. Tucking their heads into their our bodies and wrapping their tails round themselves permits cats to preserve warmth and preserve themselves good and heat whereas inactive. It makes it tougher for predators to do critical injury if a cat is caught unaware and attacked whereas napping.

6. Paws Over Eyes

a white cat sleeping with one paw over its eyes
Picture Credit score: Shanon, Pixabay

Cats usually sleep with one paw over their eyes to maintain out gentle and stop heat from escaping. Consider it like a feline sleep masks! Cats typically do it to forestall gentle from waking them or restrict the mud they breathe whereas sleeping. It’s additionally an environment friendly method for cats to heat up and keep good and toasty whereas napping.

7. Sitting Like a Particular person

tabby cat sleeping like human with legs stretched out and back supported on couch
Picture credit score: Prathankarnpap, Shutterstock

Some cats prefer to relaxation with their legs stretched out in entrance of them and their backs supported. Cats on this place usually appear to be they’re making an attempt to sit down like people. In case your cat is a fan of napping whereas sitting up, it most probably means your buddy feels comfy round you for the reason that place leaves your pet’s abdomen unprotected and open to assault. Additionally, the pose has the added perk of constructing it straightforward on your cat to groom the entrance a part of their physique.

8. All Over the Place

cat sleeping in a weird sleeping position at home
Picture Credit score: drSandyWijaya, Shutterstock

Cats typically create distinctive napping poses, usually involving seemingly unattainable positions. Consider it or not, these unusual positions normally point out full and whole leisure. Nobody is kind of certain why cats find yourself in these types of strange configurations. They’ve versatile spinal columns and shoulder blades, to allow them to simply contort themselves with out ache. Ensure that to contemplate your cat’s napping model when deciding on a pet mattress to make sure the product is designed to help their favourite place.

9. Beneath Your Covers

a scottish fold cat sleeping under its owner's blanket on the bed
Picture Credit score: Elen Nika, Shutterstock

Most cats get pleasure from napping in human beds and like to snuggle beneath the covers the place they’ll snooze wrapped up in and surrounded by the comforting smells of their favourite particular person. It’s usually tough to inform exactly how cats are sleeping after they’re coated up since they normally frown upon being meddled with when having fun with a day snooze beneath the covers. Cats who’re hiding out in beds can typically be tough to identify! Give your mattress a fast pat earlier than sitting down in case your buddy frequently spends mornings or afternoons stress-free beneath your covers.

10. In Containers

cat sleeping in a box
Picture Credit score: Michael Dahmen, Pixabay

Most cats adore curling up in containers because it provides them a secure place to cover from “predators.” Many leap into supply containers as quickly as they’re opened. Not solely are containers good for launching sneak assaults, however they’re additionally fashionable napping spots. Napping in containers usually provides cats a way of consolation and security; they’re good, heat predator-free zones! Nevertheless, cats that hunker down in tiny containers usually search safety, notably in the event that they exhibit different indicators of stress, comparable to hiding and adjustments in sleeping patterns.

11. On You

cat sleeping on its owner's chest
Picture Credit score: Maliflower73, Shutterstock

Cats usually sleep on their folks out of affection. In case your cat frequently snoozes in your chest, it’s doubtless an indication that they completely adore you. They’ll chill out to the soothing rhythm of your heartbeat and the sounds of your respiration. Cats sleep on folks for heat along with companionship. They generally sleep between folks’s ft or legs, permitting them to be near their favourite particular person whereas letting them react shortly if wanted.

12. Subsequent to You

cat sleeping with its owner on the bed
Picture Credit score: Pixel-Shot, Shutterstock

Cats sleep subsequent to folks they love after they favor having only a little bit of house. In case your cat likes to sleep subsequent to you however not on you, it’s most likely an indication of affection and belief. They sleep subsequent to folks to keep away from being bothered by nighttime tossing and turning. And sleeping subsequent to however not on you additionally makes it simpler for cats to stand up, go to the toilet, or rating a snack with out disturbing you.

13. Up Excessive

cat sleeping on a tree trunk
Picture Credit score: Crepessuzette, Pixabay

Cats within the wild have to fret about being caught and eaten by predators comparable to coyotes, canines, and raccoons. They usually favor to chill out and sleep in excessive places that give them a wonderful vantage level to regulate issues. Giving cats locations to chill out up above all of it usually goes a good distance towards making a feline-friendly setting that retains them from turning into bored, anxious, and careworn.

14. With Different Pets

two kittens sleeping outside
Picture Credit score: luxstorm, Pixabay

Cats change into hooked up to their human, feline, and canine companions. When cats nap with their feline buddies, it signifies that each one is nicely in your house. Whereas not all cats and canines get alongside nicely sufficient to sleep collectively, many do, notably those that develop up with one another. Cats and canines launched to one another slowly and given plenty of time to regulate to the opposite’s presence usually be taught to get alongside fairly nicely.


Cats’ sleeping positions can reveal greater than you may anticipate! How a cat sleeps and the place they select to nap can inform you fairly a bit about how they really feel. Cats that sleep curled up are sometimes looking for heat, nevertheless it’s additionally a defensive place that protects their very important organs. Once they sleep subsequent to or on their homeowners, they’re exhibiting their love and want for safety. Your cat has doubtless displayed some or the entire sleeping positions we mentioned, and so they might have just a few distinctive ones you haven’t discovered but!

Featured Picture Credit score: hapibu, Pixabay

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