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27 Causes Not To Get A Labrador Retriever

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Labrador retrievers are nice household canine. There are a lot of causes that they’ve been the preferred breed for many years.

However they don’t seem to be for everybody and there are causes to not get a Labrador Retriever.

As a coach, I really like labs however don’t suggest them to all of my shoppers.

Yellow Labrador Retriever playing with toys

On this article, I’ll clarify explanation why some folks shouldn’t get a labrador retriever.

Do you know that the Labrador Retriever is now #2 on the AKC high breeds listing! CRAZY!

Checklist of Causes Not To Get a Labrador Retriever

Labs are nice canine for individuals who need a household canine with loads of power. However a few of their traits aren’t for everybody. 

Some causes to not get a lab embrace the next:

1. They Shed 

Lots. After all many canine shed, however labs shed your-round. Common grooming helps, however you’ll nonetheless have to vacuum and clear up canine hair. 

So in order for you an immaculate home, a lab isn’t your best option–except you like vacuuming, cleansing fur off furnishings (in any case, it’s referred to as FUR-niture), and eradicating hair from garments.

Should you get a Lab you’ll get used to seeing the fur tumbleweeds rolling down your hallways.

2. Labs Aren’t Clear Canine

Partly as a result of they shed loads, they aren’t the cleanest canine. Additionally they prefer to roll or wallow in smelly issues outdoors, reminiscent of deer feces. 

And their oily coat that repels water can get on partitions after they rub towards them. They usually have a “doggy scent.”

3. They Require a Lot of Train

Labs are bred to work as searching canine. So that they have power to spare and want loads of train. And if their wants aren’t met, they’ll turn into bored and damaging.

4. They Require a Lot of Consideration

Labs like to be with the household. And in the event that they’re not included in household actions, they’ll turn into bored and careworn. 

This may result in them changing into damaging and affected by separation nervousness.

5. Labs Mature Slowly

Not like some breeds, labs might seem to be an grownup at a yr outdated. However they don’t seem to be. Bodily, they would be the top they’ll be as an grownup at that age. 

However mentally, they’re nonetheless puppy-like and behave as a pet. So they could nonetheless chew on and get into issues just like the trash and your new sneakers.

They don’t absolutely mentally mature till they’re about two to 4 years outdated.

6. Labs are Too Common

You would possibly marvel: How can a canine be too fashionable

Being the preferred breed for many years has some downsides. Labs are extraordinarily overbred by yard breeders and pet mills. 

Canine who originate from these sources usually tend to have genetic and temperament issues than those that are well-bred. 

It’s necessary to discover a breeder who does the correct genetic testing and who correctly raises the puppies. Or get one from a good rescue or shelter.

Additionally, in order for you a canine who’s totally different and stands out, a lab isn’t your best option. In lots of courses that I train, there may be a minimum of one lab or lab combine.

7. Labs Are Very Pleasant

Should you’re searching for a canine who simply desires to be targeted on your loved ones, a lab might not be match. 

A correctly bred and socialized labrador retriever hasn’t met a stranger. 

He’s normally the greeting committee once you’re with others. And he also needs to get together with canine.

So when you’re searching for a canine to guard you and your property, a lab isn’t a good selection.

8. It’s Onerous To Say “No” to a Lab

As a result of they’re so candy and lovable, it’s usually troublesome to show down a lab who desires extreme consideration. 

So in case your lab desires to always be petted or play ball–and is insistent and gained’t quit by nudging or barking at you–chances are you’ll give in to his extreme wants.

9. Labs Are Vulnerable to Genetic Well being Issues

Partly as a result of they’re so fashionable and overbred by some sources, Labs are susceptible to many genetic issues reminiscent of:

  • hip and elbow dysplasia
  • coronary heart issues
  • hereditary myopathy (muscle weak point)
  • osteochondritis dissecans (OCD)
  • eye circumstances together with progressive retinal atrophy
  • exercised-induced collapse
  • bloat

10. Labs Are Genetically Predisposed to Weight problems

Labs like to eat. And they’re genetically predisposed to realize weight in the event that they’re overfed and/or under-exercised.

11. Labs Aren’t Nice Lap Canine

Though your lab in all probability desires to be near you and even climb onto your lap whilst you’re on the sofa watching TV, he’s too huge.

12. They Like To Chew

As a retriever who slowly matures, a lab likes to hold issues in his mouth. He gained’t discriminate between your new sneakers and his tug toy. And he likes chewing on this stuff.

13. Labs Have a Tendency To Leap

Being as pleasant and slow-maturing as they’re, labs need to greet folks face-to-face. They usually bounce on folks of their exuberant greetings.

14. A Lab Might Be Troublesome To Include

Due to their tendency to chase small animals like rabbits and squirrels, a lab could also be troublesome to include.

Colby’s canine Elsa is at all times searching for opossums on the wall or squirrels within the tree. As soon as she spots one there’s now stopping her.

15. Labs Are Needy

Not like extra unbiased breeds, labs must be with folks. So they’ll need to be with you wherever you’re and will get in the way in which. 

They require loads of consideration and can usually be below foot. A lab might lay in the course of the kitchen ground whilst you’re making an attempt to cook dinner. Simply be sure to not journey over him.

16. They Are Vulnerable to Separation Nervousness

Labs must be with folks to blossom into their greatest selves. If left alone too usually or for too lengthy, they’re susceptible to creating separation nervousness.

17. Labs Are Giant Canine

After all you understand this when you’re fascinated about getting a lab. However think about that they’ll require loads of room in your own home, yard, and automobile earlier than committing to a lab.

Listed here are the usual top and weight for Labrador Retrievers in keeping with the AKC.

MALE 22.5-24.5 inches 65-80 kilos
FEMALE 21.5-23.5 inches 55-70 kilos

18. A Lab Is Troublesome To Journey With

When you’ve got a lab, that you must think about how he’ll journey with you. A small automobile gained’t do. 

If he travels frequently, to be able to be secure he ought to journey in a crate or seat belt harness–or, at least, behind a barrier.

PRO TIP: Information canine are taught from a younger age to journey on the passenger facet floorboards.

19. They Are Costly To Feed

Labs are giant, lively canine who eat greater than smaller, much less lively canine do. So that they’re fairly costly to feed. 

And the quantity of treats and chews that they ingest can even be dearer.

20. A Lab’s Wants Are Costly

They require bigger, dearer gadgets than a smaller canine would. 

A lab requires a big crate, canine mattress, giant, sturdy toys and chews, preventative medicines reminiscent of heartworm meds, vaccinations, and neutering

These things are sometimes dearer than they’re for smaller canine.

21. A Lab Is Himself Costly

After all you can purchase from a conscientious breeder who performs the correct checks on the breeding inventory. A canine from such a breeder can be costly.

22. Pet Insurance coverage Is Costly for Labs

Due to the genetic issues {that a} lab is susceptible to have, insuring a lab is dearer than it’s for a lot of different breeds.

23. Labs Can Be Damaging of Your Yard

Along with giant urine spots that can destroy your grass, your lab is prone to be very damaging to your yard. 

He’ll in all probability like to dig, particularly in your treasured flower beds. So in order for you a lab, don’t count on to have a pristine backyard. However there are measures which you can take to dog-proof your yard.

Black lab lying down in hole she dug

Yep, that’s Elsa mendacity down within the gap she dug. Seems to be like she was making an attempt to get beneath the brick wall 🙂

24. Labs Don’t Do Nicely If Confined Inside Too Typically

They want sufficient train and, though they are often nice if their psychological and bodily wants are met, they nonetheless require a while outdoors enjoying and taking walks.

25. Coaching Is a Necessity

As a canine coach, I imagine that each one canine ought to at a minimal have fundamental coaching

But when a small canine like a chihuahua isn’t educated, he’s not prone to knock somebody over if he jumps on them. And he can’t attain too many issues to be damaging. 

But when a lab isn’t educated, he can barrel via life and knock folks over as in the event that they had been bowling pins. 

And he can simply chew up family possessions, counter and desk surf, and be a one-dog wrecking crew in your yard.

So you must enroll in a well-run obedience class, which might be costly.

26. Socialization Is Should

After all all canine must be correctly socialized. But when a lab isn’t, he might turn into out-of-control in new conditions that he faces in on a regular basis life. 

This may present itself in boisterous habits and even in protecting, aggressive habits of the relations that he’s bonded with.

27. Labs love the water

Yep, they’re water canine. You need to beware that the majority labs naturally love the water. We have now a swimming pool and our black Lab is within the pool a number of occasions a day within the summertime. She’s even gone in a number of occasions within the useless of winter!

Moist canine are pungent, messy, soiled, you identify it. When a moist canine comes operating into the home it may be disastrous. Watch out for the moist Lab!

Causes To Get a Lab

Now that I’ve listed the down-side of labs, let’s talk about the numerous causes that labs make nice household pets.

1. Labs Are Pleasant Household Canine

In order for you a canine who you may take all over the place, a lab could be a good match so long as you meet his wants. 

Labs have by no means met a stranger and are outgoing, nice, peaceable canine. 

They get together with and are affectionate with adults and kids and different canines. 

If you wish to take part in remedy work, labs are among the greatest, delicate canine to consolation folks.

2. Labs Can Be Nice Service Canine

Should you want a service canine, a well-trained, socialized, well-bred lab can match the invoice. 

There’s a motive that you simply see so many labs with service canine vests performing wanted help to folks with disabilities.

3. Labs Are Quick Learners

They’re very trainable. Additionally they home prepare simply.

So in order for you a buddy who wows your mates when he performs his obedience instructions and methods, a lab could be a nice selection. 

They like to study and are very compliant and bonded with their house owners.

4. They Have Nice Temperaments

A well-bred and socialized lab ought to have a fantastic temperament. He must be nonaggressive and calm when his train wants are met. 

5. Labs Are Playful

Should you’re searching for a canine who’s at all times up for enjoyable, a lab could be a fantastic selection.

6. They Are Adaptable and Straightforward Going

Labs will adapt to you so long as their wants are met. They will reside with giant households and even with only a solo proprietor so long as they obtain sufficient socialization, coaching, and psychological and bodily train.

7. Labs Make Nice Train Buddies

In order for you a mountain climbing, jogging, or strolling companion, a lab could be a nice selection. 

Simply guarantee that your vet approves that he’s sufficiently old and bodily match to take part in these actions.

8. Labs Make Nice Exercise Canine

There’s a motive that you simply see so many labs exhibiting in actions reminiscent of aggressive obedience or rally, amongst different sports activities. 

Skilled correctly, labs excel at such sports activities and infrequently obtain high scores. 

Due to their intelligence, secure temperaments, and willingness to work, they make nice companions in such ventures. 

Additionally they excel at conformation, dock diving, agility, discipline trials, and searching.

9. Labs Are Good-looking Canine

Along with their above attributes, labs are handsome canine. Whether or not you select a black, chocolate, or yellow lab, he’s prone to be admired by different folks.

What To Do If You Get a Labrador Retriever

Should you determine {that a} lab’s the canine for you, congratulations! Labs could make nice canine for the appropriate individual or household. 

Get him from a conscientious breeder or a fantastic rescue or shelter. Simply remember to meet his wants, together with offering:

  • Bodily train. Retrieving, mountain climbing, lengthy walks, and swimming may also help hold your lab match and assist forestall behavioral points as a consequence of boredom or extra power.
  • Psychological stimulation. This may be by coaching obedience instructions and methods and enrichment toys to assist develop your pup’s thoughts.
  • Coaching. Labs love coaching. So train him all the fundamentals and past. You need to have the ability to take him locations with out him leaping throughout everybody.
  • Socialization. Nicely-bred labs are pure social butterflies. However you continue to have to correctly socialize a labrador in order that he reaches his potential to be a fantastic household canine.
  • Consideration. Along with actions you interact in collectively, your lab wants you to present him consideration. Spend some down time with him. Pet him. Inform him what a fantastic canine he’s.
  • Grooming and cleansing up after him. Common grooming will assist forestall your property from having balls of bur floating round. And vacuum and mop any hair and muddy footprints.
  • Feeding high-quality meals, treats, and chews. And just remember to present an acceptable caloric consumption to him for his age and exercise stage in order that he doesn’t turn into overweight.
  • Exploring insurance coverage. Should you get insurance coverage and your canine has a well being concern, it may prevent some huge cash down the highway.
  • Final, however not least: Having fun with him! Labs are enjoyable and make life pleasant for the appropriate individual.


I’m considering of getting a lab however I don’t have loads of time to spend with him. I work lengthy hours and go away at 8 A.M. and don’t get dwelling till 7:00 P.M. Would a lab be match? 

Most likely not. Should you can have a trusted good friend or skilled spend a while with him through the day, it would work when you get a lab who’s not a pet.

He would wish to bond with these folks. And he would must be educated, exercised, and socialized through the day in addition to after you arrive dwelling at evening.

I’m searching for a canine mountain climbing buddy. Would a lab be match? 

Sure–so long as he’s outdated and wholesome sufficient for such an exercise. Labs excel when bonding with their folks. They usually require bodily and psychological train.

So, so long as you meet his different wants for socialization, psychological enrichment, and coaching, you might be very proud of a lab.

However bear in mind the downsides reminiscent of shedding hair, a bent to chew and be damaging inside and outdoors of your backyard, the excessive expense of the lab and his requirements, and his genetic predisposition to varied well being maladies.

I want a service canine to assist me with my incapacity. He wants to choose up gadgets and retrieve them for me, open doorways, and activate and off mild switches. A service canine group recommends a lab that they’ve. Would this breed be match? 

Sure. If correctly educated and socialized, labs could make nice service canine.

Last Ideas

There are a lot of explanation why some folks shouldn’t have labs as companions.

Should you’re considering of getting a lab, that you must weigh these issues towards the numerous nice traits that labs have.

Are you considering of getting a lab? If that’s the case, why?

When you have one, what made you determine to get a lab? Please inform us about it within the feedback part under.

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27 Reasons Not To Get A Labrador

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