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🥳 🎉 Comfortable 14th Birthday, Trigg! 🥳 🎉

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy on blue north face puffy jacket

As soon as upon a time, I heard my mother say about considered one of her grandchildren, “he’s such a pleasant baby.”

And properly, that’s how I really feel about my Chiggy.  He’s such a pleasant cat.  He’s easygoing, eats virtually something I serve him (and was very fast to modify to uncooked once I switched my cats to uncooked one yr in the past), he retains to himself, and solely taunts Charlie each from time to time.

Trigg is my blue lynx mitted Ragdoll cat, who I name, “Chiggy”, “Gauy”, “Tink Tink”, “You’re so Fancy!”, “Der he’s!” (There he’s!) and lots of extra names.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy sitting on natural grocers reusable grocery bags

No birthday hat photographs this yr – very like I mentioned in Charlie’s 14th birthday publish a month in the past – we now have had a really arduous summer season with fleas.  Not Trigg, per se, however undoubtedly Charlie and I.  Trigg has not attracted fleas to return and reside on him like Charlie does – which implies the uncooked eating regimen we switched to a yr in the past is working it’s wonders for Trigg.  We nonetheless have a bit to go on Charlie.

Since Charlie has a head tremor from topical flea meds, we now have needed to handle the flea scenario naturally – which takes quite a bit longer to kill them.  I’ve vacuumed on daily basis for over 6 to 7 weeks now…and we merely don’t want any extra stress.  Regardless that the birthday hat photographs are lovely, they do trigger some stress and I simply selected to not endure that, even for a couple of minutes this yr for the sake of the weblog.  In order that’s why there are not any birthday hat photographs…I’m exhausted =).

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy curled up on the bed

Trigg has had a little bit of a tough yr – the yeast detox in addition to a number of suspected pancreas issues by our detoxing from all of the crappy meals I fed them, the overdose of medicine they received, the topical flea meds they received, and so forth – all of it added up over time, so detoxing them after 13 years of that has been difficult.  And Trigg hasn’t at all times been good by that course of.  There have been many months the place I didn’t “have” my Chiggy, and it made me tremendous unhappy.  He was not often feeling that chipper little kitty I do know and love.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy very comfortable on blue puffy north face jacket

We additionally discovered that Trigg has fairly the meals sensitivity to astaxanthin or pink algae, and it took us weeks to uncover it.  Weeks.  I couldn’t get him to cease licking himself time and again.  However as soon as it was faraway from his meals, he stopped the licking and the obsession together with his Da Bee.

In the previous few weeks, I’ve lastly seen a extra constant model of himself.  So I hope that’s right here to remain, moderately than wavering backwards and forwards.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy laying at the top of the stairs on his side

Trigg is said to my Rags, the explanation I based Floppycats, and I usually consider my Rags when Trigg purrs as a result of there’s a “popping” to his purr, like there was for Rags.  When Rags, Caymus and Murphy had been alive, my sister and I might play a recreation.  Certainly one of us would shut our eyes, and the opposite one would go get a purring cat, and we needed to guess who it was based mostly on the sound of their purr.  Rags was really easy due to the “popping,” and Trigg can be simple too if we had been to play that recreation.

His meow may be very identifiable, too, as a result of it’s similar to a mouse squeak, which, in fact, provides to his insane cuteness.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy on north face puffy jacket

He’s THE CUTEST cat I’ve ever lived with, and that’s saying quite a bit as a result of I’ve been round many cats.  I inform him on a regular basis how cute he’s.  Day by day.  He makes me smile day by day together with his quirkiness, cuteness, and antics.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy and seal mitted with a blaze charlie sitting together by the back door waiting to go outside
Trigg and Charlie ready to go outdoors

We haven’t gone outdoors now for one thing like 7 weeks, however Trigg isn’t as loopy about going outdoors when it’s burning sizzling outdoors anyway.  So he hasn’t actually minded.

At any time when my 2-year-old nephew sees Trigg on FaceTime, he at all times calls him, “Ash” – which is my sister’s blue mitted Ragdoll cat.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy profile at chiropractor vet

Trigg began going to the chiropractor this yr – I had been going with Charlie, and Trigg had been limping after a giant soar, so I took him in.  After experiencing Charlie for about 6 months, the chiropractor was very shocked to fulfill Trigg, a totally completely different persona and affected person. 

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy with dr stella chiropractor

After assembly Trigg, she mentioned she may inform that I actually permit my cats to be who they’re (she mentioned many pet homeowners have pets that tackle their personalities), however since my cats are so drastically completely different, she knew I fully allow them to be who they’re.  It was an enormous praise, as I actually do attempt to honor and respect who they’re and allow them to be who they’re.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy wearing cold laser goggles
chiggy carrying chilly laser goggles

Trigg additionally will get acupuncture – Charlie would too, if Charlie would tolerate it, however he turns into Chuckie, so it’s a no-go for him.  However Chiggy doesn’t thoughts it an excessive amount of and lets Dr. Sally put within the needles – he generally will get chilly laser after his acupuncture and undoubtedly after his chiropractor adjustment.  Dr. Stella (chiropractor) says that each one the vet techs within the again ooh and aah over him.  As my sister says, he does such a great job together with his make-up (the white eyeliner that naturally comes together with his blue lynx mitted colour sample), how are you going to not ooh and ahh =).

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy wet nose after acupuncture
chiggy’s moist nostril after acupuncture

The ice cream, cake frosting, cream of Oreos, and extra that I allowed Trigg to have for years and years ended up being the explanation that we now have needed to do a number of candida cleanses with Pam of Purrrfectly Holistic within the final yr to heal his physique from the within.  I at all times know when he has a candida overgrowth as a result of one ear finally ends up having much more ear wax.  And he’ll itch that one ear a complete bunch.  He has been a trooper by the detox course of – permitting me to syringe, capsule and clear his ears with paper towel dipped in apple cider vinegar and water.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy in car side profile

Chiggy’s favourite factor are cat wand toys.  He actually received into Da Bee.  I found that when he was having a extreme histamine response, he was extra “needy” with needing Da Bee.  It’s superb what you find out about your cats while you concentrate and mark it down.  And while you detox them!

Chiggy lives in his personal world. I’m not often part of that world, however I marvel at watching him it. I don’t know find out how to describe it, however he’s the quirkiest cat coupled with the cutest cat I’ve ever met. He consistently does cute issues. There’s not a day that goes by that I don’t ask him, “Chiggy, why are you soooo cute?!”

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy sitting on stairs watching wand toy

I additionally inform him how fancy and exquisite he’s. He does appear to be dainty (although he may stand to lose a pound or two).  He’s so terribly fancy and is aware of it – he’s a kind of cats that arches his again and curls round corners of doorways.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy outside making a classic chiggy squinting face

Chiggy will ALWAYS come and rub up on me or in opposition to me or over my face if I’m at my laptop IF HE IS HUNGRY.  That’s the one purpose he does it.  Now, Charlie would simply yell meow at me, however Chiggy turns into loopy affectionate.  Generally I wait to feed them simply so I can get further Chiggy love.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy reminding jenny dean its time to eat

He’s the primary cat that may be a true snuggler that I’ve had.  ONLY ON HIS TERMS.  I by no means know when he’s going to snuggle with me.  Nevertheless it’s at all times if I’m laying in mattress and watching TV earlier than I prove the lights for the night time.  He “flies” up on the mattress in full Chiggy cuteness and full confidence (which isn’t one thing Trigg at all times exudes) and involves snuggle with me. It’s fairly heavenly, until I’ve forgotten to trim his claws.

blue lynx mitted ragdoll cat trigg chiggy snuggling at night with jenny dean

I really feel extremely blessed to have had this lover nutter for 14 years.

A really pleased 14th to my very stunning Chiggy! I hope you might have 14 extra!

Hello, I’m Jenny Dean, creator of Floppycats! Ever since my Aunt received the primary Ragdoll cat in our household, I’ve cherished the breed. Impressed by my childhood Ragdoll cat, Rags, I created Floppycats to attach, share and encourage different Ragdoll cat lovers world wide,

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