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Fashionable Horse Coaching Leads To Inventive Coaching Options – The Clicker Heart Weblog

(This sequence of posts had been initially posted on instagram in June 2023. Discover me at: #alexandra.kurland.5)

Robin helps me demo the “contact the goblin” sport. This can be a focusing on lesson that helps horses achieve loads of confidence interacting with novel objects.

As all the time, I’m utilizing a constructional method, that means this lesson makes use of expertise that I’ve taught beforehand. I wouldn’t start by asking an anxious horse to comply with a goal as much as one thing that worries him.

That may be like having you contact a tarantula in trade for 100 {dollars}. You may do it. 100 {dollars} should buy loads of hay in your horse. You’ll contact the tarantula – actually quick and possibly you’ll be flinching whilst you do it. You’re nonetheless afraid of the tarantula, however you touched the goblin and bought your hundred {dollars}.

That’s not what we would like for our horses, so the sport begins by having them orient first to numerous objects that they’re already accustomed to and don’t fear them. You’ll additionally start in environments the place your horse feels snug.

I’ve added a toboggan and a few cardboard packing containers to the barnyard. Robin is reminding us that turning your again on a goblin and strolling calmly away is simply as vital as approaching a goblin. I bear in mind years in the past watching a really daring rider pressure her nervous horse to face going through a scary mailbox. As quickly because the horse had his again turned to it, he shot off like a rocket. She was fortunate she didn’t fall off. Horses present us how vital it’s to take heed to them and to regulate our coaching to satisfy their wants.

Issues I like about this photograph: Robin is working at liberty which implies he has the choice to go away at any time. Alternative is a crucial a part of Fashionable Horse Coaching.

I really like how relaxed he appears as he walks away from the goblins. He’s following each the goal and my physique orientation. He could also be at liberty, however that is additionally very a lot a lesson on main.

Every part is related to every part else.

Fashionable Horse Coaching – Be Inventive!

Good coaching doesn’t imply you have to spend some huge cash on coaching gear.

I’m instructing Robin to place his nostril right into a loop fashioned from a vacuum cleaner hose. The hose will be swapped out for cardboard packing containers of various sizes and depths, pool noodles held in a loop, and lots of different objects.

How does this assist you to? Take into consideration all of the “garments” we ask our horses to put on. This turns into haltering, bridling, placing on an over-the-head blanket, accepting a grazing muzzle, and so forth.

The enjoyable of constructional coaching is you might be instructing part expertise that may then be used for a lot of totally different behaviors. It’s a really enjoyable and environment friendly strategy to educate.

Fashionable Horse Coaching: Be Inventive!

Robin has realized to place his nostril down into many various objects, together with cardboard packing containers.

Now I’m utilizing backchaining to show him to return to me from a distance to place his nostril right into a cardboard field. Backchaining means I start by standing very near him so it’s simple for him to place his nostril into the field. Then I steadily transfer additional away from him so he has to take a number of steps to get to the field.

Proper now this can be a cardboard field. Later it may very well be a halter I maintain out to him. Take into consideration how you need to use this lesson to assist a horse who’s anxious about being haltered. You’re utilizing objects that don’t have the earlier associations {that a} halter has for that horse to show him the essential expertise that may assist him to be snug with halters.

The cardboard field will likely be swapped out for different objects similar to pool noodles held in a loop till finally the horse is prepared for halters. You’ll now have a horse who sees you holding a halter in your hand. As a substitute of turning away, he’ll come from a distance to place his nostril into the halter.

You’ve been framed!”

Fashionable Horse Coaching results in artistic options and many enjoyable video games!

Robin is placing his entire head and neck into this cardboard body.

Take into consideration all of the methods this straightforward sport will be reworked into helpful expertise. It’s an excellent prep for placing a blanket over your horse’s head. Is your horse fearful a few halter or bridle going up over his ears? Video games like this are an excellent prep. Possibly you’d wish to experience in a neck ring. Once more that is nice prep.

Video games like this are enjoyable for each the horse and the handler. They usually easy the way in which for a lot of different dealing with requests we make of our horses.

Need to be taught extra? My new guide, Fashionable Horse Coaching, is offered via my site: theclickercenter.com and from Amazon and different booksellers.

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