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Recognizing Refined Indicators of Concern, Anxiousness & Stress in Horses

When horses expertise stress they typically behave in methods simply recognized: they change into troublesome to deal with or journey, and attempt to flee or ‘struggle’ to flee what they understand to be a demanding state of affairs.

These ‘giant’ behaviours are apparent to most horse individuals, however much less well-known are different methods horses reply to stress, resembling by fidgeting or as might be seen within the above video by turning into nonetheless, or ‘freezing’.

Nevertheless, stillness doesn’t equal calmness. Whereas nonetheless horses experiencing worry, anxiousness or stress could present fewer apparent behaviours, refined indicators of those states can nonetheless be seen by skilled observers.

Horses who change into nonetheless when burdened are sometimes labelled loopy or described as ‘exploding out of nowhere’. As this video touches upon, by coaching the attention to raised acknowledge refined indicators of stress, horse trainers and handlers can reply sooner to the horse’s stress and de-escalate the state of affairs, avoiding larger stress responses.

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