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Undertake-a-Pet.com Weblog 12 White Canine Breeds (Large and Small) with Stable White Coats

Woman with white dog getting her paw
In case you’re serious about bringing residence a brand new BFF and occur to have a mushy spot for white canines, you’re not alone. Loving white canines is a cross-cultural, cross-generational expertise.

Whereas fur colour doesn’t outline a canine’s persona, there’s one thing interesting in regards to the clear, crisp look of a white floofy coat. And white canines stand out in a crowd, making them fairly photogenic. These lovely pups are available many alternative shapes, sizes, and temperaments: there are white canines for energetic individuals, households with youngsters, individuals with allergic reactions, and people of us who wish to spend most of our time watching TV.

Simply bear in mind, no matter fur colour, every canine is a singular particular person. In case you’re able to welcome a new pup into your life, deal with discovering the precise match by way of temperament, vitality degree, and grooming wants. However hey, for those who’re a fan of snowy coats, listed below are a number of the hottest white canines, large and small.

6 Small White Canine Breeds

Listed below are a number of the cutest white small canine breeds:

white west highland terrier in woman's lap
Irina Efremova / Stocksy

West Highland Terrier

The West Highland White Terrier, often known as the Westie, is a small child originating in Scotland. These white canines have dense, wiry, double-layered coats, muscular our bodies, and pointy ears. Westies are recognized for his or her vigorous, assured, and constant personalities. They are often skilled with consistency and constructive reinforcement however are fairly impartial and wish some endurance and persistence. They want numerous every day train and playtime, particularly chasing and digging, ideally outdoors — you don’t need them to attempt to do both inside the home.

Coton de tulear lying on side
SimonSkafar / iStock

Coton de Tuléar

The Coton de Tuléar is appropriately named after cotton fiber; these companion canines have lovely puffy white coats that want brushing to forestall mats, however don’t shed very a lot. They’re usually very quiet and like individuals and different canines. They are often shy with strangers — their devotion is completely for his or her pet dad and mom — and could be good guard canines. They like studying new issues and take effectively to coaching. The Coton de Tuléar additionally solely wants average train, so get pleasure from their firm on the sofa.

white bichon frise dog rests head on womans shoulder
Branko Starcevic / Stocksy

Bichon Frise

The Bichon Frise is a white canine breed with a giant persona, bred to enliven circus performances. The Bichon Frise is playful, social, and cuddly. They love operating round outdoors and absorbing all the eye they entice. The Bichon Frise grows a protracted, fluffy white coat that requires common brushing and grooming and could be fashioned into fascinating shapes, in order that’s enjoyable. Sadly, the Bichon Frise doesn’t love being left alone and could be harmful if ignored. In addition they have a repute for being tough to housebreak. That is positively a canine that wants your full consideration.

white maltese dog
Amanda Giant / Stocksy


Maltese canines have lovely white coats that may develop into swinging silky curtains if not saved trimmed. They’re surprisingly low-shed, however nonetheless want common brushings to maintain out tangles. Grooming them is drama-free, although: they may sit in your lap and take up your consideration with pleasure. They’re simply skilled and adaptable to totally different environments, to allow them to match into flats or large houses. They love youngsters, however they’re delicate, so be sure any kids they’re round know methods to deal with them.

White American Eskimo Dog
Nikita Korchagin / Pexels

American Eskimo Canine

The American Eskimo canine is taken into account an “historical breed” that has a little bit of wolf in its bloodline. That mentioned, these canines can come in numerous sizes, a few of that are fairly tiny. Much like the Japanese Spitz, all American Eskimos, have flowing white fur coats, putting, fox-like faces, and lengthy plumed tails that curl up over their backs. Regardless of their elegant construct, they’re extraordinarily energetic and energetic and wish numerous exercise and train.
Havanese dog on sofa
Vista Picture / iStock


Havanese are lap-dogs with wavy coats that puff out round their faces like a lion’s mane. As an alternative of an imposing feline face in that mane, although, you’ll discover a goofy teddy bear with floppy ears. Their coats require loads of grooming and could be styled some ways. Havanese make nice remedy canines due to their inexhaustible want for human consideration, however the different aspect of that coin is that they’ll get very loud and harmful for those who depart them alone for too lengthy. In case you can deliver your canine to most locations you go, that is the one for you.

6 Large White Canine Breeds

Don’t overlook about giant canine breeds. Listed below are six greater white canine breeds:

white samoyed dog jumping after ball at beach
Yakov Knyazev / Stocksy


The Samoyed is the final word floof. Initially from Siberia, Russia, the place they grew thick fluffy white coats to guard themselves from and mix in with the cruel Arctic panorama. Samoyeds make great pets however clearly don’t do effectively in heat climates. They love outside play in cool environments, particularly the snow, they usually want numerous every day train. Samoyeds like mountain climbing, operating, and taking part in, however ought to all the time have entry to shade and water. One notice is that they’ve a excessive prey drive, so solely pair them with different animals their dimension or bigger for the sake of family peace.

White german shepherd running
wolfhound911 / AdobeStock

White German Shepherd

German Shepherds are usually recognized for his or her black and tan coloration, however there are White German Shepherds; they’re the identical breed however with a recessive gene that impacts pigment manufacturing. They’ve pure white coats, pink noses, and light-colored eyes, however their coloration is unrelated to albinism. German Shepherds are fairly sturdy and have a repute for fierceness, and whereas they are usually protecting, they are often very loving, loyal, and affectionate with their pet dad and mom. Cautious socialization is a should as are lengthy walks and play. They are going to be happiest when studying duties that problem their abilities with agility and monitoring. And no matter colour they’re, German Shepherds want numerous brushing.

White dog Great Pyrenees on leash with woman
Petro / AdobeStock

Nice Pyrenees

The Nice Pyrenees breed hails from a mountain vary bordering France and Spain, and, like their identify suggests, they’re large. Their lengthy, rangy our bodies are lined in a shaggy white coat that’s normally white or cream, they usually want numerous grooming. They had been bred as working canines set to protect sheep, have a light temperament, and are pleasant and affectionate. They may also be amazingly cussed after they don’t really feel like doing one thing. Put money into coaching, they usually could make great household pets. A Nice Pyrenees wants numerous common train and play, however they’re completely happy to quietly loosen up with you afterward.

white bull terrier sits in woman's lap
Daxiao Productions / Stocksy

Bull Terriers

The Bull Terrier is a muscular and athletic canine with a brief, shiny coat that may are available a spread of colours, together with pure white. They’re recognized for his or her playful and outgoing personalities and being extraordinarily good; they want loads of psychological stimulation. They may also be fairly cussed however will take to coaching with endurance and constructive reinforcement. Bull Terriers additionally want loads of train and house to run round. However be cautious: with out correct socialization and early constructive experiences, they’ll get aggressive with different canines and strangers. They’re a breed that’s greatest for skilled pet dad and mom.

white standard poodle pet by owner with red hair
Marija Kovac / Stocksy

Commonplace Poodle

Poodles are available all totally different colours, however one of the crucial iconic visions individuals have of poodles is of a giant white canine lined in sculptural curls. These water canines additionally are available a number of sizes: Commonplace, Miniature, and Toy. Poodles are usually very good, and their temperaments are inclined to correlate with their dimension: the little guys have a repute for being feisty, whereas the bigger they’re, the extra complacent they are usually. Poodles have curly coats which can be thought of hypoallergenic as a result of they’re hair, not fur. Their coats can get fairly lengthy, so hold them brushed and groomed. Most of all, have enjoyable along with your poodle: they should hold these sharp minds occupied with numerous play.

Cream Golden Retriever
Samantha Gehrmann / Stocksy

Golden Retrievers

Golden Retrievers are well-known for his or her eponymous golden coats, however they’ll even have pale cream, almost white fur colour. They’ve broad, open faces that appear to be they’re all the time smiling, and people faces match their pleasant, outgoing personalities. Golden Retrievers are recognized for being nice, affectionate household pets who’re fond of children. They’re additionally very energetic canines who want numerous common train and playtime, together with swimming, fetching, and occurring lengthy walks or hikes. In addition they love coaching that requires focus and makes them really feel helpful. Strive educating them to get the newspaper within the morning as a nostalgic throwback.

Caring for White Canine Breeds

Grooming white canine breeds and holding their coat shiny calls for common upkeep and a few elbow grease. Not actually after all — grease will solely make issues worse.

Brushing and Bathing

Brush your white canine commonly to take away any filth, particles, or useless hair dulling their coat. Slicker brushes or combs may help gently take away tangles and mats. Common baths with a light canine shampoo and conditioner are additionally necessary; rinse completely to keep away from leaving any cleaning soap residue and dry completely afterward with a towel and a blow dryer set to the very lowest setting so mud doesn’t flip into mud in your canine’s newly washed locks.

Solar Publicity

A considerably controversial reality is that overexposure to the solar may cause a white canine’s coat to yellow or turn into discolored. Bringing your canine inside through the hottest components of the day will assist, however don’t forgo outside time simply to maintain your canine brighter. They deserve play and sunshine, too, and can possible get a bit yellow with age anyway. In addition to modifications in fur colour, canine breeds with white fur usually tend to get sunburned than different breeds, so make sure you use sunscreen on any thinly lined areas.


There are whitening shampoos that may assist brighten your canine’s coat and take away any discoloration, however be sure to decide on a high-quality product that’s particularly designed for canines. What doesn’t hurt our scalps might irritate their pores and skin. Test along with your veterinarian to make sure your shampoo of selection is appropriate to your canine.

Wholesome Food plan

You too can deal with your canine from the within out with a well-balanced, dietary weight loss plan that helps hold your canine’s coat wholesome and glossy.

White Canine Breeds FAQ

What are the largest white canine breeds?

A number of the greatest white canine breeds are Nice Pyrenees, Samoyed, Akita, Irish Wolfhound, and Siberian Husky which all can have fully or partially white coats.

What forms of white canines are there?

There are over 12 breeds of canines that may are available stable white — they’ll vary from small to giant, some are easy coated whereas others are fluffy or curly.

What breeds of white canines have pointy ears?

There are a number of breeds of white canines with pointy ears together with American Eskimo, Japanese Spitz, Samoyed, Bull Terrier and the West Highland White Terrier.

Are all white canines deaf?

No, not all white canines are deaf. Sure breeds of canines have a higher probability of being born with deafness, notably these with a white coat. Canines with albinism, merle or dapper coats, or spots are at the next danger.

Which white canine breeds are actually fluffy?

Two of essentially the most well-known white canine breeds which can be actually fluffy are the Samoyed and the American Eskimo. With large floofy snow-colored coats, these pups are positive to soften your coronary heart.

Are there any large white canines that don’t shed?

All canines shed, however the Commonplace Poodle is understood for being a low-shedding canine breed that is available in many colours, together with white.

Are stable white canines uncommon?

Nope, in contrast to stable white cats, there are a number of wholesome and customary canine breeds particularly bred for his or her luscious white coats.


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