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What Is A Straight Hair Labradoodle?

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Often, once we consider a Labradoodle, we consider a canine with the pleasant temperament and work ethic of a Labrador retriever with the low-shedding curly coat of a poodle.

Nevertheless, it’s not all the time doable to foretell what traits a hybrid canine will inherit from their two dad or mum breeds. First technology Labradoodles are simply as more likely to have the coat of a Lab as a Poodle.

A straight hair Labradoodle is a combined Lab-poodle canine that has inherited the straight coat of their Lab dad or mum.

Straight Hair Labradoodle

They’re additionally referred to as a flat coat Labradoodle. This implies they’ve a high-shedding coat relatively than the hypoallergenic coat of Labradoodles with curly hair.

However apart from their coat, they’ve the identical general persona and temperament profile as different Labradoodles.

Learn on for our full profile and what precisely to count on from a straight hair Labradoodle.

Very important Statistics

  • Breed: Combined breed of Labrador retriever and poodle
  • Dimension: 21 to 24 inches for the standard Labradoodle (smaller variations additionally exist)
  • Weight: 50 to 70 kilos
  • Coat: Medium to lengthy scruffy coat that’s high-shedding
  • Colour: Chocolate, cafe, parchment, cream, gold, apricot, pink, black, silver, chalk, lavender, blue
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to fifteen years
  • Potential Well being Points: Hip and elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, eye points
  • Temperament: Clever and pleasant
  • Power Ranges: Excessive; at the least one hour of train a day
  • Attachment: Excessive; doesn’t thrive when left alone

Historical past Of The Breed

Labrador retrievers have been bred in England within the nineteenth century from canine imported from Canada. They have been bred to retrieve sport from land and water and in addition work as fisherman’s mates.

The result’s a breed with a tender mouth and powerful work ethic that loves the water.

In the meantime, the poodle is an older canine breed that originates from both France or Germany (their actual origin is in dispute).

The breed appears to have been round from the fifteenth and sixteenth centuries and was a preferred lap canine pet by the 18th century. The poodle is very clever and delicate, making it a wonderful companion.

The Labradoodle was created within the Fifties by bringing the 2 canine collectively to try to cut back the shedding of Labradors whereas sustaining their attribute intelligence and pleasant persona.

They grew to become widespread within the late Eighties when breeder Wally Conron launched them to the Royal Information Canine Affiliation of Australia as a brand new working canine.

Labradoodle Breeding Genetics

There are a selection of various courses inside a combined breed canine household. The primary is a F1 combine, which is a 50:50 mixture of the 2 dad or mum breeds.

On this case, it means a Labrador retriever dad or mum and a poodle dad or mum, although they may very well be customary or smaller in dimension.

Subsequent is the F1B Labradoodle, which comes from mixing a purebred canine, both a Labrador or a poodle, with a F1 Labradoodle, which leads to a canine that’s 75% one breed and 25% one other.

An F2 Labradoodle comes from breeding two F1 Labradoodles.

You continue to have roughly 50% of genetic materials from every dad or mum breed, however at this stage, it’s simpler to regulate for desired traits current within the hybrid breed by breeding canine that possess these traits.

F2B canine come from breeding an F1 pup with an F1B pup, whereas F3 Labradoodles come from breeding two F2 canine.

There may be a couple of 50% probability that an F1 Labradoodle can have a straight hair coat, as they’re simply as more likely to inherit a straight coat from their Labrador retriever dad or mum because the Cu Locus, or curly hair, gene from their poodle dad or mum.

As you head additional down the breeding line, you might be much less more likely to encounter Labradoodles with straight coats as a result of this is likely one of the traits breeders normally management for.

One of many functions of blending Labs and poodles was to try to management the high-shedding coats of Labradors, so breeders will normally favor the low-shedding poodle coat.

Dimension And Weight

The scale and weight of a Labradoodle relies upon principally on whether or not the poodle parentage is that of a regular poodle, or of one of many smaller varieties of poodle.

Labradors will measure between 21.5 and 22.5 inches and weigh 55 to 80 kilos, with males being greater than females. Poodles are available customary, medium, miniature, and toy sizes.

Commonplace poodles are fairly giant. They measure 18 to 24 inches in peak and weigh 44 to 70 kilos. Mixing a Lab with a regular poodle will get you a regular Labradoodle, which measures 21 to 24 inches and might weigh 50 to 70 kilos.

Medium poodles measure 14 to 18 inches tall and weigh 33 to 42 kilos. Miniature poodles are 11 to 14 inches tall and weigh 26 to 31 kilos.

Toy poodles are 9.4 to 11 inches tall and weigh 14 to 17 kilos. Introducing one in every of these poodles into the Labradoodle combine ends in smaller canine.

The smaller poodle will all the time be the mom to make sure a protected delivery.

Learn our full information to the totally different sizes of Labradoodles right here.

Coat And Colour

In principle, a Labradoodle can inherit the tightly curled and low-shedding coat of their poodle dad or mum or the straight double coat of their high-shedding Labrador dad or mum.

Many of the Labradoodles you come throughout can have the poodle coat as a result of this can be a trait breeders particularly management for.

That is to create clever and pleasant canine which might be additionally low-shedding and even thought-about “hypoallergenic.”

However once we are speaking a couple of straight-haired Labradoodle, we’re particularly speaking about canine which have inherited the straight hair of their Labrador dad or mum.

That is probably to be an F1 Labradoodle, since there’s a 50/50 probability of them inheriting this coat.

However in some uncommon instances, the coat might present up as an anomaly additional down the road, or a breeder might favor this attribute.

Labradoodles with straight hair will roughly seem like they’ve a medium-length scruffy coat, which makes them look a bit like a teddy bear. What precisely the coat will seem like can fluctuate.

It could look a constant size over their face and physique, or it could sprout in longer tufts in some areas or feather alongside the tail, legs, and face.

The coat is likely to be slick and shiny or have a extra matte and flat end to their coat.

It’s price noting that whereas their coat is straight, they’ll in all probability not have the double coat of a Labrador. This implies much less seasonal change and fewer shedding than a Labrador.

However straight hair Labradoodles will nonetheless shed rather a lot and should be brushed frequently to take away extra hair and cease them from leaving it in every single place they go!

However even with common brushing, canine hair will likely be part of life. On the constructive facet, they don’t should be taken for knowledgeable reduce as typically as their curly-haired cousins.

Moreover, they could be a number of totally different colours. Whereas black, chocolate, and yellow are most typical, they may even be cafe, parchment, apricot, pink, silver, chalk, or blue.


Labradoodles are recognized for his or her intelligence, since each Labrador retrievers and poodles are thought-about among the many most clever canine breeds.

Labradors are additionally desirous to please and thrive after they have work to do and obtain reward. This makes them extremely trainable.

Poodles is usually a little extra unbiased of their pondering and subsequently much less cooperative, however they’re nonetheless delicate to people.

Which means your poodle is aware of what you need, even when they aren’t keen to ship! However regardless of this, Labradoodles are typically about as straightforward to coach and management as Labradors.

This makes Labradoodles nice working canine for incapacity help and search and rescue. It additionally means they’re wonderful and obedient pets, even for first-time house owners.


Each Labradors and poodles have a pleasant temperament and by no means are typically aggressive. They bond shortly with their individuals.

For poodles, this bond might be fairly unique, and so they could also be a bit bit cautious of strangers. Labs, alternatively, have a tendency to love everybody.

This implies Labs and their Labradoodle offspring make horrible guard canine, even when they inherit a bit poodle wariness.

Neither dad or mum breed tends to be mouthy, and so they gained’t bark on the slightest factor. This implies if a Labradoodle is barking, it’s normally for cause, and you need to concentrate.

Labradoodles are pleasant with kids, and so they additionally hit it off with different animals.

They’re extra more likely to type a detailed bond with the home cat than chase them across the yard. Socializing your Labradoodle from a younger age can foster this habits.

Identical to their dad or mum breeds, Labradoodles bond with their people intensely. This implies they don’t do nicely when left alone for prolonged intervals of time.

They will develop damaging behaviors if left at house for eight hours a day whereas the remainder of the household is at college or at work.

They do higher in properties the place there’s normally somebody round or if they’ll go to work with somebody.

This additionally means they gained’t prefer to be outside-only canine, as they’ll need to be near all of their people.

So, whereas they profit from out of doors area, they’ll should be inside the home. That is one thing to remember with a straight-hair Labradoodle, since they’ll shed.

Food plan And Train

Labradoodles are high-energy canine that want plenty of train, normally a minimal of 60 minutes a day. Additionally, this could contain working, leaping, pulling, and looking, and never only a informal stroll.

Labradoodles are adventurous and can get pleasure from accompanying the household of hikes and day journeys. Additionally they like to swim! Their straight coats are literally made to repel water.

It’s additionally price noting that many Labradoodles aren’t born with the gene that lets them know when they’re full.

This implies it’s straightforward for them to overeat and placed on extra weight. This isn’t good for his or her coronary heart and different organs and may also put pointless pressure on their joints, resulting in mobility points.

It’s as much as you to keep watch over your Labradoodle’s calorie consumption. Do not forget that all of the treats you give them throughout coaching or simply since you love them additionally comprise energy!

Wish to know extra? Learn our information to the Labradoodle lifespan and what to anticipate from every life stage.


What’s a flat coat Labradoodle?

A flat coat Labradoodle is a Lab-poodle combined breed canine that has inherited the straight hair coat of their Labrador dad or mum relatively than the curly coat of their poodle dad or mum.

Is an F1 or an F2 Labradoodle higher?

F1 Labradoodles typically are typically more healthy than F2 variations of the canine. However breeders are higher in a position to management for sure traits with F2 canine, so their look and temperament might be extra predictable.

Straight Hair Labradoodles

It is extremely troublesome to inform whether or not a Labradoodle pet will develop as much as have the curly coat of a poodle or a straight coat of a Labrador.

So, chances are you’ll expect one and find yourself with the opposite. Alternatively, in case you are only a fan of the teddy bear look of a straight hair Labradoodle, you’ll be able to search one out.

No matter their coat, Labradoodles have the identical great personalities. They’re pleasant and can need to spend as a lot time as doable at your facet.

They’re straightforward to coach and can in a short time really feel like family members.

Simply bear in mind, in case your Labradoodle has straight hair they’ll shed. Brush them frequently to maintain their shedding underneath management.

To recap, listed below are the breed’s key traits at a look as soon as extra:

  • Breed: Combined breed of Labrador retriever and poodle
  • Dimension: 21 to 24 inches for the standard Labradoodle (smaller variations additionally exist)
  • Weight: 50 to 70 kilos
  • Coat: Medium to lengthy scruffy coat that’s high-shedding
  • Colour: Chocolate, cafe, parchment, cream, gold, apricot, pink, black, silver, chalk, lavender, blue
  • Life Expectancy: 10 to fifteen years
  • Potential Well being Points: Hip and elbow dysplasia, patellar luxation, eye points
  • Temperament: Clever and pleasant
  • Power Ranges: Excessive; at the least one hour of train a day
  • Attachment: Excessive; doesn’t thrive when left alone

Pondering of adopting a Labradoodle? Learn our information to how a lot Labradoodles value.

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