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Why Does My Cat Have Dandruff? Your Query Answered by a Veterinarian

Worldwide, the tendency to have cats as pets is rising. And with it, all of the doubts that come up from every day coexistence. Why does my cat have dandruff? It is without doubt one of the commonest queries on the veterinarian’s workplace.

Like folks, cats may have dandruff. However, the presence of extreme dandruff is a symptom that one thing is improper. Right here we’ll clarify all of the circumstances that may go together with dandruff so to be alert and go to your trusted veterinarian if vital.

Cat at home

Cats and Dandruff

Cat dander is a pure method of eliminating lifeless pores and skin cells and tissue regeneration. They seem as small whitish flakes that follow the cat’s fur.

There are a number of causes, which we’ll listing beneath, that result in a rise within the manufacturing of dandruff on the pores and skin of cats. Figuring out the potential causes of extra flakes on the cat’s pores and skin is significant as a result of the cat dandruff remedy adopted will depend upon it.

Why Does My Cat Have Dandruff?

Why does my cat immediately have dandruff? Some dandruff cats’ causes are:

Weight problems

An overweight cat can be much less versatile, making every day grooming harder. In these areas the place an overweight feline doesn’t attain, lifeless pores and skin often accumulates; for instance, on the again of its again.


Right inside hydration is essential for our cat’s well being, however we should additionally contemplate the significance of fine exterior hydration. Environments with very low humidity can favor cat flakey pores and skin and predispose to dandruff.


These trigger persistent ache in your cat and stop them from finishing up their grooming ritual. An instance of that is arthritis and osteoarthritis, particularly in older cats.

Poor High quality Meals

Your cat’s food regimen may trigger dandruff if it lacks sure vitamins important for the wholesome functioning of its pores and skin. The pores and skin cell renewal makes use of as much as 30% of your cat’s every day protein consumption, so any cat meals ought to embrace high-quality and digestible proteins.

The important fatty acids omega 3 and omega 6 contribute to the pores and skin’s well being; since your cat’s physique can’t synthesize them, they need to be a part of its common food regimen. Sure nutritional vitamins, equivalent to A, additionally contribute to pores and skin well being, regulating cell development and pores and skin oil manufacturing.


Felines inclined to emphasize quickly present bodily signs; probably the most frequent is pores and skin issues. One altered conduct is extreme grooming, which results in irritation and irritation of the pores and skin with consequent dandruff manufacturing.

Accumulation of Undercoat

Cats can have two varieties of coat, an outer coat with lengthy, seen hairs and an undercoat with quick, softer hairs hooked up to the pores and skin. For those who hardly ever brush, it could possibly accumulate grime, lifeless cells, parasites, and unfastened hairs.

Pores and skin Allergy symptoms

Flea, meals, or environmental allergic reactions are the most typical. A typical dermatological symptom of those three varieties of allergy is dandruff.

Underlying Ailments

Generally, your cat might produce other well being issues that make it difficult to self-bathe, equivalent to kidney illness, diabetes, or pancreatitis.

Hormonal Circumstances

Particularly, hyperthyroidism.

Autoimmune Pores and skin Ailments

For instance, pemphigus.

Most cancers

Similar to cutaneous lymphoma.

Pores and skin Infections

Fungal infections (ringworm) trigger dandruff within the cat. Hairless round areas, pores and skin irritation, and itching go together with it. It’s contagious to people.

Exterior Parasites

Fleas, lice, ticks, or mites trigger itching, irritation, and dandruff. The presence of the Cheyletiella mite causes “strolling dandruff.” Though it seems like dandruff, tiny parasites feed on the animal’s pores and skin. It is extremely contagious and also needs to get handled.

Persian Cat grooming at the salon

Cat Fleas or Dandruff?

Chances are you’ll not know if these little white “spots” your feline has are cat flea eggs or dandruff. Though they give the impression of being very related and will make you doubt, it’s potential to tell apart one from the opposite by way of shut remark.

Each are white, translucent, and fewer than a millimeter in size. But, dandruff is skinny, mild, and has an irregular form. One other peculiarity of dander is that it sticks to the pet’s coat and is tough to take away.

Flea eggs have a uniform oval form with spherical ends. The eggs are a lot thicker than dander and extra slippery. They don’t follow the cat’s hair and shortly fall off the animal.

Find out how to Get Rid of Cat Dandruff

The remedy to finish cat dandruff will depend upon what’s inflicting it. However you’ll be able to take a quite simple step at house to start out serving to your feline; brush them! Day by day brushing helps to reactivate the microcirculation of the pores and skin and its regeneration. This motion additionally removes extra hair, dander caught to them, means that you can see the presence of exterior parasites, and eliminates knots and grime.

Change a few of your cat’s habits and care to enhance dandruff. For instance, feed your cat an entire and balanced meals. Make sure that its food regimen covers the wants of fatty acids, omega 3 and 6, leaves it satiated, and incorporates the required fiber to stop weight achieve.

Don’t rule out supplementing the food regimen with fatty acid pipettes you can apply to your cat’s pores and skin. These dietary supplements moisturize the pores and skin and stop water loss.

Play along with your cat in order that it will get common train and doesn’t achieve weight.

Humidifiers can assist to beat environmental components whereas rising the variety of water bowls in the home or altering the water extra typically can encourage it to drink extra.

And final however not least, defend them from fleas and ticks.

When to Name the Vet

In precept, in case your cat has dandruff shouldn’t be a extreme downside nor a cause to fret. Nonetheless, in case your cat has any of the next signs apart from dandruff, it might have a way more extreme downside and want veterinary assist.

  • When itching, fixed scratching, extreme licking, or intense rubbing in opposition to objects.
  • Weak spot, apathy
  • Exterior parasites (ticks, fleas, strolling dandruff)
  • Pores and skin lesions, dermatitis, alopecia, or hairless spherical lesions
  • Problem leaping as earlier than, claudication, or joint stiffness
  • Hirsute (greasy) coat
  • Anorexia
  • Little or no grooming
  • Vomiting
  • Adjustments in the best way your cat makes use of the litter field (urinating or defecating outdoors the field)
  • Adjustments within the quantity of water consumption, both lowering or rising
Happy ginger cat

Remaining Reflections

Most circumstances of dandruff in cats are delicate. However, it guides us to know if there’s something to right or enhance within the well being or setting of our good friend. That’s the reason realizing the causes of dandruff in cats may be very helpful in offering the absolute best welfare to our pets.

You should go to your veterinarian to use the suitable remedy if there’s different symptomatology apart from extra dander.

As we are able to see, consideration to small element makes a giant distinction!

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